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Artist and painter Tamar Zeitlin is a 10th generation Israeli. She was born in Jerusalem in 1985 into a well-known Hassidic family.  At a very young age Tamar developed her love of art and creativity from her grandfather - a renowned copper sculptor in Tfzat. She began painting at a very young age and by the age of 16 she had set up a framework of art classes for girls in Jerusalem. She also did artwork for orthodox children's books and covers for books of the great Hassidic Rabbis.  

All the while she continued to paint and study art and different techniques under the artist Ora Nissim. She then extended her artistic scope to include digital artworks and laser-cut metal.

Today she lives in Tsur Hadassa, in the Judean Hills with her husband Tzachi and her five children and has expanded her artwork beyond Judaica influenced creations.  

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